Monthly Archives: August 2014

Dance with Me

I think the funniest thing about life sometimes is when you find someone who is just as in tune with a passion in their soul as you are. With every step you take towards creating something great or monumental, there are always people who create with you along those stepping stones. They are slaves to their trade and love every moment of it.

I hold a passion in my heart for designing and run with any moment that allows me to share that passion with other people.

Today I had the honor of collaborating with a photographer who found her passion only but a year ago, yet has already been published in multiple magazines, one of them to include our very own: Vogue. Yes indeed, and I also had an opportunity to learn from her about her artistic drive to continually succeed in the area she is passionate about.

Here is but a slight preview of the magic that took place between the fabulous Carol Billy-Roberts and I  in the depths of the forest today.



And here is are a few bonus shots of other locations we experimented with


May we always dance in life’s purest pursuits