Don’t Step On my Blue Suede Shoes

You know … its OnE thing to thrift… and its Another to repurpose!

My sister has had these shoes now for a good decade.

She couldn’t wear them because they always required Advil as an added accessory….

HowEveR…. She couldn’t part with them because of their brilliant color and statement added to any outfit she chose to wear.

Now that the cobalt blue is indefinitely “back” for this years trends… who can honestly say goodbye???

blue suede shoes 2

Since her move to Miami, she has also been more artistically evolved and wanted to make her favorite pair of shoes…. Her Favorite once more. In the background you can see one of her original paintings, and it indeed reflects that of the Miami Heat,

Alas, she set voyage on this mission to Alter these blue suede shoes with a bit of a Midas touch….Hmmmmm

painted blue suede shoe

Tell me what you think of her artistic facelift for the shoes!


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